550 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840

Keyless Entry Directions

The Newport Lofts utilizes convenient keyless entry technology. To access your Loft you will not need a key! You will be provided with a personalized six digit code approximately 24 hours before your stay that will be activated at 3:00pm the day of your arrival and deactivated at 11:00am the day of your departure.

To Open Your Loft Door:
To access your Loft, enter your six digit code on the keypad located on the door handle. When entered correctly, you will see a green light flash. When the green light flashes, immediately turn the lock knob to unlock the door.

To Lock Your Loft Door:
To lock your Loft door from the inside or outside, close the door and turn the lock knob to the lock position. It is advisable to always double check the door to ensure the door has locked.

Need Help?
If you need help accessing or locking your Loft door, please call us at 401-845-9400. A member of The Newport Lofts team is available 24 hours a day to assist you.